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Do you want the best representation possible? Son of an internationally renowned law professor, Robert (Tony) Buzzard had the legal pedigree from the beginning. His successes as a lawyer are what have garnered the awards. Robert A. (Tony) Buzzard and Buzzard Law Firm have received State and National recognition as a Top 10 law firm and 10 Best trial attorney in civil and criminal matters. This recognition was earned through dedication to our clients. Whether you are have been injured, harmed by medical negligence, have business litigation issues or even domestic or criminal matters, Buzzard Law Firm has the experience to help. Our efforts on behalf of our clients have resulted in millions of dollars recovered for victims of auto accidents and medical malpractice. If you are willing to trust almost three decades of success handling every sort of civil and criminal matter, both in State and Federal Court, we can help.

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Experience In State And Federal Court

In our system, certain cases – criminal and civil – can end up in the Federal Courts. These cases can be more complicated, and involve different processes that not every lawyer knows how to handle. In fact, most lawyers do not practice in Federal Court and are not licensed in Federal Court. Every lawyer at Buzzard Law Firm is not only licensed in State Court but licensed in Federal Court as well. And Buzzard Law Firm has experience handling civil and criminal matters in Federal Court.