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We Litigate Civil And Criminal Cases At The Federal Level Strong advocacy in state and federal court

We Litigate Civil And Criminal Cases At The Federal Level

When a civil or criminal case escalates to federal court, a new set of challenges can arise. Federal cases are litigated in a different jurisdiction than their state counterparts, and this can call for a different legal approach — in particular, you need to have an attorney who is licensed to practice in federal court.

Our firm’s founder Robert A. Buzzard has a wealth of experience in navigating federal cases on behalf of clients in Harnett County. As federal court can be a daunting arena, the aid of an attorney who is familiar with its nuances can be a considerable boon to your case.

Types Of Cases That Can End Up In Federal Court

When you think of federal court cases, you may imagine headline-grabbing trials that concern major crimes or large sums of money. While these types of cases certainly unfold at the federal level, far less sensational matters also arrive in this jurisdiction.

Some examples of federal criminal and civil cases that our firm can litigate include:

Federal court can sometimes be tilted against the individual. For criminal offenses, the penalties are often much more severe. This venue is also more advantageous to large corporations because federal litigation is often expensive. For these reasons, it is crucial to turn to the services of an experienced attorney should you have a case that is sent to federal court.

Buzzard Law Firm Can Aid You In Your Federal Court Case

If your civil litigation matter is moving to federal court, or you are facing charges for a federal crime, our lawyer can help. To schedule a consultation with attorney Robert A. Buzzard, call our firm today at 910-808-4069. You can also get in contact with us via email.