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What You Should Know About Civil Litigation

Litigation is not something that any individual or company looks forward to. However, it is often the best or only way to resolve complex disputes. At Buzzard Law Firm, our attorneys have extensive experience handling civil litigation in North Carolina across a variety of practice areas, including personal injury, family law, employment law and more. On his page, we have answered some of the questions that we frequently hear about civil litigation.

What are the options for solving a dispute out of court?

There are three main options for alternative dispute resolution, or ADR:

  1. Negotiation: Each party sits down in private and tries to negotiate a solution.
  2. Mediation: A neutral mediator works with the parties to facilitate a mutual compromise.
  3. Arbitration: The parties present their arguments before a neutral arbitrator who issues a final, binding decision.

Generally, it is best to try these methods before litigating a dispute as they can save time and money.

How do I know if it’s time to pursue litigation?

If all other methods of dispute resolution have failed, it is likely time to speak with your attorney about going to trial – especially if ADR is no longer cost- or time-optimal. ADR cannot solve every conflict. The best chances of achieving the result you need is sometimes to appear before a judge or jury.

How long does a trial take?

Litigating a civil dispute almost always takes longer than private dispute resolution. Federal trials in particular require extensive time for preparation. After filing the initial lawsuit, you might wait months before heading to court. The trial itself can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the nature of the case and the evidence at hand. From there, a judge or jury might take hours or days to render a verdict.

How much does litigation cost?

Lawsuits are also usually more expensive than ADR. There is no way to estimate how much you can expect to pay unless you sit down and speak with an attorney in person. Understand, though, that the benefit of a favorable verdict is often well worth the expense of litigation.

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