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Family law proceeding of divorce more common in certain areas

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2019 | Family Law

Research shows that between 40% and 50% of marital unions end in divorce throughout the United States, including North Carolina. Unfortunately, where a person lives might contribute to his or her likelihood of going through the family law proceeding of divorce. Researchers recently determined that states with fewer instances of divorce have some things in common.

First, divorce is less likely for those who live in an area that does not breed high amounts of stress. The reason for this is that when couples are stressed about family drama, finances or work, this can end up harming their relationships. In the same manner, states where people had less debt related to student loans are more likely to have lower rates of divorce.

Another important factor in a state’s rate of divorce is how safe the state is. States that have safety issues are more likely to have more divorce problems. Furthermore, states where people marry at older ages tend to have fewer divorces.

The divorce process can no doubt be difficult to handle both emotionally and financially, no matter how long or briefly two people have been married. However, a family law attorney in North Carolina can help an individual who is going through divorce in the state to pursue a personally satisfactory yet fair outcome in an out-of-court proceeding, such as mediation or informal negotiations. If the two parties are willing to find common ground when tackling the division of marital property, spousal support and child support, for example, this can help to reduce their stress levels during their divorce proceeding.