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Man owes over 175K in child support, charged with felony

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2019 | Family Law

Most people in North Carolina would likely admit that being a parent is difficult. Parents are often left wondering how they will ensure that the needs of their children are met. In some cases, a person might find him or herself unable to meet financial obligations. Unfortunately, the failure to make court-ordered child support payments could have serious consequences.

In fact, a man in another state is learning this first hand after he was arrested and faces two counts of failure to support. The arrest stemmed from his 2006 divorce. At that time, he was reportedly ordered to make support payments for three children.

However, law enforcement officials claim that the man never made any payments. In 2007, he was reportedly ordered to pay the money he owes or face an arrest. He allegedly left the country instead. When he returned, he was taken into custody after reports indicated that he attempted to make contact with one of his children. He reportedly owes over $177,000 in unpaid child support.

Law enforcement officials claim that it is rare that felony charges are filed over child support issues, and such action is typically only taken in the most serious of cases. Some parents in North Carolina may struggle to make the child support payments that the court requires. However, failing to make them without addressing the issue with the court can not only result in serious punishments, it can also damage the parent’s relationship with the child. An attorney with experience with cases related to family law can help parents fully understand their options, including requesting a modification or the enforcement an existing order.