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North Carolina car accident sends 17 people to the hospital

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | Personal Injury

Many people travel to North Carolina to enjoy many of the beaches and lakes that are present in the state. Most trips are fun-filled adventures in which visitors make new memories and return home safely. Unfortunately, that was not the case for a group of people riding together in a van who were involved in a car accident returning from a jet skiing trip. 

The incident, which sent 17 people to the hospital, reportedly happened on a day in mid-August. The victims included a van full of youths who were attending a camp in a neighboring state. Unfortunately, the 21-year-old driver is believed to have taken a curve too fast before overcorrecting and running off the road.

The van reportedly came to a stop in a ditch that had approximately a foot of water in it. Eleven of the victims were listed as requiring non-urgent care, five — including a passenger who was trapped in the vehicle — required urgent care. One person was listed in critical condition. 

It is unclear if any citations were issued as a result of the North Carolina car accident. However, the victims may be facing expensive medical bills as a result of their injuries. Often, those who are injured in an accident suspected to have been caused by negligence choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against those deemed responsible. In an accident such as this, there may be parties other than the driver who may hold some liability. An attorney with experience with such cases can help these victims determine their best legal course.