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Off-duty police officer arrested and charged with DUI

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2023 | CRIMINAL LAW - Drunk Driving

Every year, thousands of drivers across the state of North Carolina are charged with DUI. Being arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol can be a nerve-racking and humiliating experience. Not only is a DUI charge embarrassing but those accused can also have their careers and lives negatively affected. Recently in Maysville, an off-duty police officer was arrested and accused of drunk driving after a motorcycle accident. 

Accident and arrest 

Officers from the North Carolina Highway Patrol said they responded to a report of a single-vehicle motorcycle accident during a recent evening. NCHP officers noted a local police officer was already on the scene when they arrived. Reports said the motorcyclist told officers he had crashed because he took evasive action to prevent hitting another vehicle that had entered his lane. 

Authorities said evidence from the scene suggested the motorcyclist left the right side of the roadway and ran into an embankment with no other vehicles involved. Reportedly, the motorcyclist was an off-duty officer with the Emerald Isle Police Department. Dressed in civilian clothes at the time of the incident he was suspected of being intoxicated. Officers said the biker refused alcohol testing, so he was placed under arrest and taken to the local magistrate’s office. 

Those charged with DUI have rights 

In North Carolina, a driver can be arrested if officers suspect he or she is operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Even if the person passes field sobriety tests, the individual could still end up with a DUI charge. Anyone who has been accused of driving under the influence has the right to seek legal counsel and defend against the formal charges. An experienced litigator can help those accused obtain the best possible outcome while working to ensure their personal rights are protected.