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Bus, car accident sends students to hospital in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2018 | Personal Injury

The dangers of driving while impaired are often well advertised to ensure that drivers are aware of the potential harm they can cause. Unfortunately, despite having this knowledge, some drivers may get behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In fact, police in North Carolina believe that impairment was a factor in a recent car accident that sent multiple people to the hospital.

The incident happened on a day in December. According to reports, a 56-year-old woman was driving a vehicle near a North Carolina middle school. She allegedly allowed the vehicle to cross the center line, causing it to strike a school bus head-on. The bus overturned as a result.

The bus was reportedly carrying 19 students at the time. Twelve reportedly suffered minor injuries. One student suffered critical injuries but is expected to survive. Both drivers also suffered injuries. The woman has since been charged with driving while impaired and driving left of center.

School bus drivers in North Carolina are dedicated to protecting the safety of the children in their care. Despite their best efforts, however, they are sometimes unable to avoid the negligent actions of other drivers on the roadway. Unfortunately, a student is now left facing what could be a long and difficult recovery as a result of the actions of a driver that police believe was impaired. Many families are often overwhelmed by the medical expenses associated with injuries suffered in a car accident — especially if required to miss work to provide care to an injured child — prompting some to seek recompense in a civil court with the help of an attorney with experience with personal injury claims.