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Did a prescription medication lead to addiction for a loved one?

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2019 | Medical Malpractice

Seeing a loved one suffer is never an easy experience. You may have never anticipated a loved one of yours becoming addicted to prescription medication, but unfortunately, it is an event that can happen relatively easily. Your family member may have received a valid prescription from a doctor due to a health issue only to become controlled by the substance later.

Addiction is a problem that can leave once put-together North Carolina residents in situations where they feel as if they have no other choice than to get more of the substance that has taken over their lives. Your loved one may have become addicted to one type of the most commonly misused prescription drugs.

Commonly misused substances

Though these substances have medical purposes and can be immensely helpful when used properly and under medical professional supervision, they can also have side effects that negatively impact a person’s life. Your loved one may have begun suffering from the effects of addiction after getting hooked on one of the following substances:

  • CNS depressants: This category includes drugs that can have tranquilizing and sedating effects as well as hypnotic results. They slow brain activity and can help treat conditions like anxiety, sleep disorders and panic attacks.
  • Opioids: Opioids commonly serve as pain relievers for individuals suffering from serious pain that other medications do not help. These substances can also cause feelings of euphoria, which is commonly what addicts hope to achieve by continually using the substance.
  • Stimulants: These drugs can treat conditions like asthma, neurological disorders, obesity and respiratory problems. Like the other two categories, there is also a high chance of misuse and addiction.

When your loved one received the prescription for any of these types of medications, you may not have thought much about it. However, as you noticed his or her behavior and appearance change over time, you may have suspected that addiction had taken hold.

Addiction can lead to legal issues

Among the questionable behaviors that your loved one may have begun participating in could be illegal acts, like purchasing drugs off the street or stealing in effort to pay for the habit. Unfortunately, many individuals suffering from addiction issues find themselves facing criminal charges for drug-related activity or even other allegations.

If your loved one has ended up in a serious legal predicament, you may hope that this situation will be the wake-up call that he or she needs to change. Of course, you likely also want him or her to have a fighting chance against the allegations, and gaining information about possible defense options may prove useful.