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3 potential causes of truck accidents, according to a trucker

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2019 | Personal Injury

It can be intimidating to share the road with a big-rig truck, as their massive size and large blind spots mean much less room for error by both truck drivers and the cars on the road alongside them.

Of course, there are driving behaviors you can practice to lower the risk of an accident with these large vehicles. In particular, if you want to avoid an accident with a tractor-trailer, who better to listen to than a truck driver?

Tips from a trucker

Experienced truck drivers have seen a great deal during their time on the road, and the way some drivers act around big rigs can unnecessarily put themselves and others in danger. Even if a driver does not go out of their way to drive recklessly, one trucker says some common actions could easily put travelers at risk, including the following:

  • Driving in blind spots: While staying in any driver’s blind spot could increase the chances of an accident, this type of driving behavior is particularly dangerous when tractor-trailers are involved.
  • Failing to speed up on and merge from on-ramps: When truckers see a driver trying to merge left onto a highway, most of them will slow down to accommodate for the merging vehicle, and problems arise when the merging driver starts to slow down near the end of the ramp.
  • Driving without lights on during the day: Having lights on during the day can increase the visibility of vehicles, especially if it is raining or overcast, and particularly for gray or silver vehicles, which are most difficult for truckers to see.

It’s important to remain vigilant when traveling around tractor-trailers and to avoid panicking.

If an accident happens

Though these three tips could help you stay safer around tractor-trailers, there is always a possibility that an accident could take place nonetheless.

In the event that a tractor-trailer driver is at fault for a serious crash that caused your injuries, you may have reason to pursue compensation for damages by filing a personal injury claim. An experienced North Carolina attorney could help you navigate such a process while working toward the most favorable outcomes possible.