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Recent DUI checkpoint results in several arrests

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2023 | CRIMINAL LAW - Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a problem that continues to plague North Carolina and other states throughout the country. According to recent statistics, one person in the United States is killed every 48 minutes because of drunk driving. Police in North Carolina are committed to keeping roads safe by combating drunk driving.

Checkpoint leads to multiple DUI arrests and citations

Recently in Asheboro, law enforcement agencies set up a DUI checkpoint, leading to dozens of arrests and citations. The checkpoint was set up on West Dixie Drive by Asheboro police, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol and several other police departments. According to the Assistant Chief of Police from the Asheboro PD, a total of 33 citations were issued at the checkpoint.

Reports also said the checkpoint led to a vehicle chase after officers allegedly witnessed a driver commit several traffic violations by trying to turn around before entering the checkpoint. Reportedly, officers attempted to make a traffic stop and the vehicle driver fled. The chase ended when the vehicle stopped near I-73/74 and the driver apparently attempted to flee on foot. The driver was arrested and now faces several serious charges.

Those charged have options

Understandably, it can be frightening and troubling to receive DUI charges. Being convicted of drunk driving in North Carolina can mean months of jail time and steep fines. However, anyone in North Carolina charged with DUI has options available to help them defend against the formal accusations. By consulting with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney, those accused could obtain much-needed legal guidance while ensuring their personal rights are protected.