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NASCAR driver arrested on suspicion of impaired driving

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2023 | CRIMINAL LAW - Drunk Driving

Stopping at a restaurant for happy hour or having a few drinks at a family gathering are common social activities. When an individual drinks alcohol regularly, it may be difficult to gauge one’s blood alcohol levels. However, if a driver is pulled over by law enforcement in North Carolina and suspected of being impaired, an arrest on drunk driving charges will likely follow.  

Professional driver arrested and charged 

Recently in Huntersville, NASCAR driver Jason White was pulled over and placed under arrest on suspicion of impaired driving. White has a total of 214 starts in NASCAR’s top three series. According to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office, Huntersville police initiated a traffic stop and took White into custody for multiple charges.  

Reports said authorities charged White with reckless driving, exceeding a safe speed and DWI. Under North Carolina laws, drivers who are charged with a DWI will have their driver’s license revoked for at least one month. If a driver is convicted of DWI, the minimum license suspension for a first offense is 12 months.  

Obtaining legal help 

Even though DWI and DUI charges are not proof of anything, being charged with these types of offenses can be humiliating and damage an individual’s reputation. In North Carolina, those who have been charged with drunk driving or other criminal offenses have the right to seek legal assistance to help defend against the formal accusations. By obtaining the services of an experienced attorney, those charged can ensure their personal rights will be protected while their lawyer helps them pursue the best possible outcome relative to their situation.